1) Look 10lbs Lighter – You know what’s great? An airbrush tan can make you look like you lost weight. With body contouring and the perfect color, we have mastered the art of making your body appear slimmer.

2) The Spray Room Must be Ventilated! Since inhaling spray tan product can pose safety concerns, you'll want to pick your salon strategically. Best suggestion is to choose an airy salon with equipment that has a ventilation fan designed to suck away any overspray immediately. Pay attention to the room you'll be in, too. If there's tanning solution on the walls and things just look generally dirty, that's a sign that the salon is poorly maintained—and poorly ventilated.

3) You can Fully Customize Your Tan: Do you want your legs to be darker than your upper body, because you’re rocking that new dress this weekend? That can be achieved with an airbrush tan! Or maybe you want a lighter tan on your face than on your body… We can do that too! One of the biggest advantages of getting an airbrush tan is that it’s FULLY CUSTOMIZED. 

4) There is No Way to "Maintain A Tan" like tanning beds: It would be great if you could keep up your spray tan the way you do your eyebrows or roots, but unfortunately, faux tans don't work that way. If you receive a new tan on top of an old tan, it will look patchy—darker in areas where the old tan remains, and lighter in areas where it's already worn off. It's recommended to enjoy your tan for about one and a half weeks, then removing it and starting fresh. 

5) You can still Swim in the Pool or Ocean with An Airbrush Tan: Spending a short time in the pool or ocean will not ruin your airbrush tan, but long times spent in the water will strip the solution from the skin. The key to not allowing the ocean or pool effect your airbrush tan is to limit the amount of time spent in the water. It is suggested that you take quick dips in the pool and rinse off with fresh water as soon as you get out. Then pat dry and moisturize immediately after. 

6) You Can Fix A Bad Tan: If you have waited the 8 hours to shower and realize the coloring from the airbrush tan is undesirable, you can fix the problem at home. Simply soak in a warm bath with a small amount of shower gel, the ingredients in the tanning solution will begin to loosen from the skin. After soaking for at least ½ hour, begin exfoliating the skin with a mitt or glove.  Get out of the shower, leave your skin wet, use a dry wash cloth or dry mitt and rub your skin with pressure. Then Dry your skin completely and use a hot wet wash cloth to rub your skin with pressure. Repeat several times. This should work to calm the color down to something you can deal with or totally remove it. The color will fade quicker with repeated sessions.

7) Shave and Wait At Least 12 - 24 hours before Getting Your Airbrush Tan: It may seem like common sense to shave before a spray tan, but shaving immediately prior to your appointment can cause the product to irritate your skin. Shaving is a mild exfoliant that exposes new skin cells, which are extra sensitive. DHA (the pigment in the tanning solution) reacts with those sensitive cells and can cause some serious redness and discomfort. There should be a 12- to 24-hour window between shaving and your appointment.

8) Instant Results: You know what takes a lot of time? Trying to build a tan by laying out in sun. When your life is busy you may not have the time to layout and work on our tan. The short time it takes to get an airbrush tan is another reason why it’s so great. You literally walk into the salon and walk out with your perfect tan, fully customized to your needs.

9) Evens Out Tan Lines: We’ve seen them on the beach, in pictures, at parties, on strangers walking by us on the street, and at our local gym–we see them everywhere! But they’re so easy to get rid of with an airbrush tan. Everyday people like golfers, construction workers, roofers, landscapers, sandal and sock wearers come in for an airbrush tan to even out their tan lines. If you’re looking to even out your tan lines you’re in luck. Most technicians are trained to even out the most intense tan-lines—with the perfect color and a little blending you’ll walk out with a perfectly even, glowing tan!

10 ) Perfect for People with Skin That Just Won’t Tan: “My skin won’t tan!” or “I turn red when I lay out in the sun.” are common statements among many of clients. If you’ve never been able to get a golden tan or you’re worried an automatic spray tan booth may make your pale skin orange, an airbrush tan could be your perfect solution! 


We didn't invent airbrush  tanning but we perfected it! We specialize in providing a natural looking tan for all skin tones, including fair skin tones. You don't need a base tan or to continuously work on building your tan. One session will give you the color you desire.

Our formulated organic natural blend is based from brown sugar whereas other spray tanning blends are typically based from carrots. A visit to SLATE will leave you with the most natural looking tan and transform your thoughts about spray tanning!