Prior to the initial session, our staff will meet with you for a brief consultation to determine and select the most complimentary and appropriate shade to match your complexion. Additionally, we will provide tips and suggestions – the Do’s and Do Not’s of Pre and Post-tanning sessions – to achieve the highest quality and longest lasting look imaginable.

Our airbrush technique is precise and unlike any other competitor. Most airbrush tanning solutions rely on inconsistent formulas that often result in an unnatural contour or, worse, an orange effect. At Slate, our solution is organic and odorless blend of purified water, aloe barbadensis, white tea extract, coffee bean extract, grapefruit seed extract, and dihydroxyacetone (a derivative of brown sugar) that produces a consistent, healthy, and envious bronze tone.






Please make sure to follow the tips below:
  • Exfoliate
  • Don’t apply lotion
  • Don’t apply deodorant
  • Avoid using dove soap in the shower
  • Remove all makeup
  • Wax/shave before
  • Schedule mani/pedi before

While you are in the Airbrush tanning room:

Women- You are free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in or go in the nude. We provide disposable panties if needed. 

Men- You must wear briefs or boxers.

Bring dark loose clothing and flip flops to wear after your session.

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  • For at least 8-10 hours ( *3-5 hours for Rapid Formula )
  • Do not sweat or touch water
  • Do not apply foundation or lotion
  • Do not wear form fitted clothing
  • Do not touch skin until after first shower
  • Bring dark loose clothing to wear after your tanning session


  • Moisturize daily after shower
  • Do not rub skin with towel ( pat dry )
  • Do not use any exfoliating scrub until tan is ready to be scrubbed off